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Residential Subdivision Specialists



Residential Subdivision Specialists

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Successful Stratas offers a complete subdivision and building project management service catering to the special needs of small to medium-sized property developers and owners. Our service extends from obtaining planning approval, development of the initial design concept, negotiation and supervision of the building contract through to management of decorating, interior design, landscaping and other post-construction services.

Established in 1987 we have developed residential property of more than $175 million in value for both individual and institutional clients.

When Successful Stratas commissions building plans, it retains the copyright on your behalf so competitive quotes are easily obtained. Generally, when builders prepare plans they retain the copyright making it impossible to obtain alternative quotes from other builders.

We then move to:

  • Obtain competitive quotes from different builders suited to the style and type of construction
  • Oversee preparation of working drawings, contracts and application for a Building Permit (BP) by the selected builder
  • Manage site clearance, demolition, installation of services, preparation of the sand pad, including the compaction certificate for the builder
  • Hand over the site to the builder to start construction under our project management. We engage builders solely to build the residence(s)
  • Engage sub-contractors for all finishing items and services; such as painting, floor coverings, window treatments, air conditioning, paving and even reticulation and landscaping
  • Commission surveyors to prepare the Strata Plan
  • Apply for all necessary approvals and clearances and assist with the issue of new titles

Our services extend from managing the initial land selection through all aspects of infrastructure and building development to supervision of the marketing and sales process when required.

As an independent project manager, Successful Stratas offers impartial advice aimed at maximising projects and reducing risk inherent in any particular project. By working for an agreed fixed-fee, we have no interest in any particular outcome except to maximise your return.

We work with our clients, designers and architects to develop the property to meet your particular living requirements.

With our trusted service professionals, we:

  • Prepare a concept design
  • Supervise preparation of the Application to Commence Development (DA)
  • Review and lodge the DA with the local council
  • Follow-up and liaise with the relevant authorities to gain the necessary approvals

The one-stop service provided by Successful Stratas ensures trouble-free completion of your project to the point where it is ready for sale, or for you or a tenant to move in. For an obligation-free discussion about how we can make your project a reality call us today on 08 9342 5293, or email us using the Enquiry Form.